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11 simple rules for being a male feminist

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Aziz Ansari. John Legend.

These are a few of many male celebrities who have recently come out as feminists. Emma Watson’s high-profile #HeForShe campaign and the White House’s launch of #ItsOnUs against sexual violence have encouraged many more men to think critically about feminism. More importantly, about why it’s necessary to affirm and practice gender equality, given the many ways institutional sexism and the patriarchy have created environments where conventionally white, masculine, cisgender men have power and privilege. 

For men who wish to truly engage in the struggle for gender equality, here are some ways they can help help while remaining cognizant of how their identities may limit their understanding of women’s struggles.

1. Allow women to lead the way | Follow micdotcom

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  • Look at you. The mighty Thor! With all your strength! And what good does it do you now? Do you hear me, brother? There’s nothing you can do!

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    Bastille - Torn Apart 
    without the radio guy talking over the song

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    hey guys!! so i know the people’s choice awards isn’t a huge deal and dw never gets anything anyways but this year peter and jenna are nominated for “favorite tv duo” so if you just go here and vote for them it’d be so great because they really deserve it and dw never gets nominations in like anything here

    thank you very much in advance!! i promise i’ll try not to be super annoying about this

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    Jenna Coleman at Armageddon Expo Melbourne

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  • zoealicelostariel said: on a shorter note consider: clara reading out loud to the doctor. because, you know, english teacher.


    Clara lying on the armchair with Pride & Prejudice in her hands, reading out loud while the Doctor’s scribbling on one of the chalkboards, and they spend the entire evening like that, him writing and her reading, and eventually, she gets to this part;

    "… She answered him with cold civility. He sat down for a few moments, and then getting up, walked about the room. Elizabeth was surprised, but said not a word. After a silence of several minutes, he came towards her in an agitated manner, and thus began —"

    and the Doctor just quietly says “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

    and for a second, Clara doesn’t realize he’s quoting the book

    for a second, the Doctor doesn’t, either

  • holy lord just kill me now OTP: it's a love story doctor who pride and prejudice
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    Çiçeklerin şaşırtıcı şekilleri

    flowers are bulls***

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  • for reference i love this photography
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    Belle with palette #16. This one was pretty easy and fun to do. Thank you all ^^

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  • my first love disney beauty and the beast fanart
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    Can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that this season of DW seemed like it was going to lean too much on the “kind woman saves man from himself” trope, but instead we got two people facing challenges and change together, seeing the darkness in themselves and each other, and that the kind woman herself is revealed to be far, far more complicated

    I don’t know how all of this is going to end, and I definately think there have been a couple problems so far in the writing choices (depending on how some of them are resolved)

    but I do at least really appreciate some of the approaches they took in this relationship so far

  • this this this i mean i love listen and clara as an archetype who inspired the doctor from the start but i love that she's so much more complicated and human than that too it's brilliant OTP: it's a love story doctor who
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    tbh the fact that asexuals get ‘awareness’ and not ‘pride’ should immediately alert you to the severe degree of marginalization we face even and especially within the queer community 

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